Every week we’ll be bringing you the highlights of Iran’s tech scene in the past week. This week, we covered the judiciary’s opposition to unblock Twitter, second annual game convention in Tehran and fiber-optic network being deployed across the country. 

Tehran Game Convention 2018

Last week on July 5-6th, the second annual Tehran Game Convention (TGC) was held with the participation of over 1,300 attendees and 46 foreign and 26 domestic speakers. TGC is considered as the biggest B2B convention for video game industry in the MENA region, organized by Iran’s National Computer Games Foundation.

Tehran Game Convention 2018 - Photo Credit: IRCG
Tehran Game Convention 2018 – Photo Credit: IRCG

During the event, game developers had a chance to showcase their products to over 20 international publishers and 50 keynote speakers. 

At the inauguration of TGC, Kate Edwards, CEO of Geogrify and the former Executive Director of International Game Developers Associate (IGDA) told the audience that the place they live in does not have a role in the success of game developers and advised the exhibitors to “embrace their abilities and rich culture rather than focusing on limitations and hindrances.” 

2 Million Fiber Optic Ports to Be Added to the Country’s Network

Last week the ICT Minister told that internet over copper telephone lines does not meet with the needs of users anymore, that’s why the ICT ministry is working on a project to add 2 million fiber optic ports to the country’s network by the end of the current Persian year (March 2018). Up until now, 400 thousand ports have been added, according to ITmen. 

Currently, over 11.7 million Iranians are a fixed internet subscriber who use ADSL, fiber optic or TD-LTE services. 

Twitter Won’t Be Unblocked

Abdolsamad Khoramabadi, the Head of the “Commission to Determine the Instances of Criminal Content” asserted that in a letter dated April 22nd, the country’s attorney general gave a response to a written request by the ICT Minister, stating that proposing the issue of unblocking Twitter in the “commission” is in conflict with the country’s legal standards, according to Fars News. 

Previously, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, the ICT Minister had said that he’s putting his efforts to unblock Twitter in the country. 

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