According to Firoozabadi, the Deputy of the Supreme Council of Cyber Space, about 12 million Iranians have signed up for an account on local messaging apps. He emphasized that reaching this number in such a short period shows people’s trust towards the local messengers. He also mentioned that the government has obligated all the public sectors to use local messengers instead of Telegram which has resulted in a 10% decrease of the country’s internet bandwidth for Telegram.


2 More Local Messengers Have Been Approved

Firoozabadi also mentioned that two more local messengers are added to their list of approved messengers. “We are going to support all of the approved and chosen messengers. This support includes providing them with space, reserving data, bandwidth and bank loans.” The Supreme Council of Cyber Space also requested from the local messengers to come up with a bot that would facilitate the data transfer from Telegram. 


Reserving Domain Names of the Popular Channels

On the matter of reserving the rights of active businesses on Telegram,  the deputy of the Supreme Council of Cyber Space stated that channels that have over 5000 subscribers which have signed up for the “Shamed” scheme (electronic certificate establishment of digital content) should activate their channels in local messengers as soon as possible in order to keep their domain name.


Content Production in Telegram down by 17%

Firoozabadi also pointed out to a 27% decrease in the number of views and a 17% decrease in producing content on Telegram. “The matter of exclusivity and migrating out of Telegram has long been in our program, but this year it has entered a new phase. Until now, regular briefings about the damages of using Telegram has been explained to the people and fortunately all the authorities agree on the matter.”

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Telegram CDNs in Iran Have Been Annulled  

Also on Thursday 26th of April, the legal license issued to install Telegram CDNs in Iran was annulled by the Supreme Council of Cyber Space. This decision was expressed by the council due to Telegram’s lack of cooperation with the Iranian government. As a result the audio and video content transfer has slowed down significantly on the app.

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