Every week we’ll be bringing you the highlights of Iran’s tech scene in the past week. This week, we covered Silk Road startup summit in Kish Island, Iran’s reaction to Telegram’s cryptocurrency, 600% increase in iPhone imports and ICT Minister’s first online press conference.


Kish Island to Host Silk Road Startup Summit in April

This April on the 18 and 19th, Silk Road Startup Summit will be held in Kish Island. The event is considered the finals for startup competitors that have reached the last stage. In this competition 16 startups will compete together.

This event is going to bring 300 individuals with diverse backgrounds in various fields of tech such as E-commerce, IoT, FinTech, AI and Blockchain to have the opportunity to connect and help each other to develop their creative ideas.

Also in this summit there will be a number of famous and successful figures, as speakers to discuss hot topics such as IoT, FinTech, AI, Blockchain, investments in Iran’s tech scene and more. For more information about this summit you can read the article below.

Silk Road Startup Summit Takes Place in Kish Island in April


Iran’s Reaction towards Telegram’s New Cryptocurrency

The minister of ICT, Mr. Azari Jahromi, when asked about government’s reaction towards Telegram’s new cryptocurrency in his press conference, explained that the matter will be thoroughly studied and discussed by the Central Bank. Therefore they will be the deciding organization on this matter.

Also according to Mehr News the Basij Organization Commander of the Ministry of ICT announced that 180 thousand of Iranian families are making their direct income from Telegram. For more details you can read the article below.

What Would Happen to Telegram’s Cryptocurrency in Iran?


A 600% Increase for iPhone Imports into Iran

With more brands being included in the “mobile phones registry scheme”, the positive effect of lowering mobile phone’s smugglings into the country are reported since the scheme was executed. This registry resulted in a 600% increase in the legal imports only for Apple’s iPhone. Overall according to Mehr News based on the custom’s official statistics for mobile imports into the country, this year a 93% increase was reported. Also the custom’s revenue from legal mobile imports has increased by 150% since the last nine months.

Although this plan dissidents the sellers which have tried to increase the price of mobile phones in the market, the Ministry of ICT and the “Central Headquarters to Combat Smuggling of Goods and Foreign Exchange” and other related organizations have made sure that this initiative runs its course.

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The Minister of ICT’s First Online Press Conference

On Saturday this week the Minister of ICT, Mr. Azari Jahromi, had his first online press conference. During this press conference tech reporters and enthusiasts got to send their questions online and get their answers immediately. Various topics from the ministry’s ongoing national projects were asked at the conference. These topics included efforts to remove Twitter and YouTube ban, new Innovative Commercial Park in Mashhad, digital currency’s situations in the country, increasing internet speed, investing in local messaging apps and many more. For the full press conference with the minister you can read the report below.

Jahromi’s First Online Press Conference: Twitter & Youtube Ban to Be Removed?

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