Dunro, an Iranian search-and-discovery app has received a local investment fund from Aftabnet Communication Group (ACG), one of the most active players in Iran’s marketing industry. This deal could further put Dunro ahead of the competition through the influence that its new investor has in the market.

On Monday, February 26th, we announced the rumor about Dunro’s newly received investment fund by Aftabnet Communication Group (ACG) on TechRasa’s Farsi channel.

Later Dunro released an official press release announcing Aftabnet Communication Group’s investment round on this app, but did not disclose any information regarding the amount of money brought into the company through this deal. Dunro had previously received investments from PeykeBartar, one of the leading media groups based in Tehran. On Dunro’s recent press release it mentions that the investments by PeykeBartar and ACG are equal.

Aftabnet Communication Group was founded in 1999 and is considered as one of the most active players in Iran’s marketing and advertising industry. According to ACG’s public relations, this group has been studying and analyzing Iran’s digital trends and now with Dunro’s focus on SMEs it has decided to expand its activities in the country’s startup scene by investing on this startup.

Dunro is a search-and-discovery app founded in 2014 which was previously known as iBartar. The app has many similarities to Foursquare and helps users find information about places and businesses in the country, however it also stores information regarding the services providers. Previously during an interview about Dunro’s distinctive advantage comparing to Foursquare, CEO of Dunro had told us that the comprehensive information that they have on the app, and the support for Farsi language has persuaded many to use this app instead of Foursquare.

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Aside from the amount of money invested in this company, it seems that Dunro has a high chance of positioning itself as the leader in this market with the potential opportunities which will be brought to the table by its investors.

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