Iran’s Science Minister gave the latest statistics regarding ICT Parks and knowledge-based firms’ economic contributions to the country.

According to Mehr News, Iran’s Minister of Science, Mansour Gholami, during his speech at the 31st International Kharazmi Festival, announced that 42 ICT Parks and 190 development centers in these parks are active at the moment. He then continued that these parks have provided 30,000 jobs, and were successful to record a turnover of 3,000 billion Tomans (about 650 million dollars) as a result of selling knowledge-based products.

Gholami emphasized that these numbers show that we are capable of bringing consistent economic developments in the country. “Our exports of knowledge-based products from these parks have reached over 230 million dollars, and this shows the country’s swift movement in this field.”

One of the main policies of the Iranian government has always been moving towards an economy not relied on oil and gas resources. However, reaching this challenging goal needs the attention and focus on other fields and industries. Therefore having millions of students, university graduates and ranking first in the Middle East and 16th in the world in terms of scientific publications, gave promising potentials in the field of science and innovation. You can read the following article for more elaborate information along with an infographic about Iran’s economic transition.

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There have been negotiations between the ICT Ministry and international companies that were interested in investing in the new ICT Science and Technology Park in the country. This park is located in Alborz province and was officially inaugurated in August. The government is encouraging other companies and banks to be present in this project as well.

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In the end, Mr. Gholami mentioned that supporting innovation ecosystems for ICT development, commercializing and playing an effective role in the country’s national challenges are the most important missions of Iran’s Ministry of Science. “The Ministry of Health, Ministry of Science and Vice Presidency for Science and Technology are putting their effort to collaboratively help the development of this ecosystem so that we would witness great changes in the field of ICT.

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