Internet access anywhere and anytime is a necessity in this generation. This makes the Internet the best place for many types of marketing; so it’s mandatory to introduce your service or your product clearly and comprehensively by using content marketing.

You can find three crucial factors below that can lead you to distinguish and write content with the best results.

“Better content means Better business.” – Kristina Halvorson

1. Appropriate Tone

The best content is the one with a suitable and matching tone related to your products or services. Formality or informality depending on your business atmosphere and the types of services or products that you offer are an essential to your writing. Creativity and innovation are the two most important factors in the startup world. Don’t forget to consider the taboos in your society. People tend to embrace their culture, so it is logical to follow the unwritten social rules in your tone with different age ranges in order to satisfy both parents and the children together.

“The Tone is the Message. ” – Kevin T. McCarney


2. Compelling Headlines

The most important part of an introduction is a compelling headline. The wisest writers are the ones who try to tempt the audience by the headline and convince them to continue reading in order to eventually encourage them to check their website and try their products or services. Many times, an effective headline is a short phrase (E.g. “good or bad, which one do you prefer?”); or even two or three words that tempt you to know what the writer wants to describe that are in contrast (“good or bad?”); or the words with the same meaning (“better or the best?”) which persuades the reader to judge. These could be the best choices to challenge your audience. In this challenge, if you convince your audience, you will be the winner.

“Make an offer they can’t refuse.” – John Caples


3. Short and Comprehensive

During the writing process imagine yourself as a reader who tries to become familiar with a product or service, not someone who’s reading a story about your achievements or your private life! Short paragraphs of 3–4 sentences are the most appropriate for the introduction since they aren’t boring or confusing at all. Try to explain how you would meet their needs with this offer and avoid using complex and difficult words. The best level of comprehension is reading a text once and getting the point immediately. Having to read something more than two times to understand the benefits of a product/service even in short texts could be annoying and frustrating for the potential customer.

“When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing.” – Enrique Jardiel Poncela


Using short paragraphs, easy to understand words and bulleted and numerical lists can help with your article’s structure and ease of understanding your points.

In this article, I tried to clarify just three crucial points in writing the best and most efficient content which can also differ from one business to another. What criteria do you see crucial to best content writing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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