According to Mehr News, until the 22nd of this January Iran National Center for Cyberspace has counted more than 754 thousand and 516 Persian channels on Telegram messaging app in its daily analysis on the activities of Iranian users.


More Than 10 Thousand Channels Added

The estimation of these activities shows an increase of more than 10 thousand channels during the previous 10 days in the time frame of 14th of December to 22nd of this January. While 264 thousand and 347 of these channels are active and up-to-date.


More Than 3 Million Daily Posts

These statistics show that an average of 3 million and 75 thousand and 227 posts are being daily published on this application, which the highest rate belongs to 10 pm (more than 285 thousand), and the lowest to 4 am (14 thousand and 957). Also the average of posts per channel in one day is 11.63, which means, every channel publishes an average of 11.5 posts in 24 hours.

The total views of Persian channels on Telegram in 22nd of this January has been estimated to be about 2 billion and 285 million and 370 thousand and 439. The average view of every post in these channels is 800 to 1000, and the highest rate in the last 10 days was 20th of December in which every post was viewed about a thousand and 35 times.


Telegram Gaining More Momentum

Now, we’ve already discussed the economic contributions of Telegram in Iran. However, after the recent ban was over, the numbers are expected to go much higher. This means people and especially businesses are taking the most of this environment’s advantages and are using the given opportunities.

After Telegram was restricted in Iran, the necessity of such social media apps has certainly been felt more in the country, even by the government’s officials. These statistics show that this social media platform doesn’t seem to have any substitutions in this country and lifting the recent ban on this platform reassured its users to continue using Telegram as their main social media app. These numbers provide great potential and opportunities for Iranians to conveniently spread Persian content for a very wide audience in their preference.

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