Iran’s Minister of ICT, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, had a seminar with country’s startups, focusing on finding solutions for their issues and obstacles. In this seminar, he mentioned: “The 500 billion Tomans (110 million USD) budget for startups will be handed out to its applicants in different forms.” He then emphasized that some of this credit will be given as small and low-interest loans especially in counties, and also to venture capital funds that are active in this field, which they would be able to invest in different startups.


Blockchain Will Be a Game Changer  

The Minister of Telecommunication stated that the IT has a massive effect on human lives and their culture, and it will not be wise to resist these technology advancements. “Soon with the development of blockchain technology, a tremendous change will be witnessed in the cyberspace, and matters like civil registration, registry office and banking concepts will be affected by it. He emphasized how vital it is to keep up with these changes.


Executive Organs Not Familiar with New Technologies  

The minister pointed out that, with the development of technologies like the IoT, Virtual Reality and the Big Data, the Telecommunication Research Center has been assigned to hold briefing sessions for Executive Organs on these matters. According to these sessions, statistics have shown that 90 percent of the staff members and personnel in executive organs do not have an appropriate understanding in these new coming technologies, and therefore we have to provide this kind of literacy in the body of the government.


ITO To Be a Developmental Organization

The minister announced that, the statute of Iran’s Information Technology will be changed to a developmental organization and mentioned: “The cabinet will approve this transformation in the near future, and this organization alongside with Iran Telecommunication Research Center, Faculty of Telecommunications and Post Bank of Iran will cooperate to create the ecosystem in which startups will grow in the country.


Domestic IT Services Should Be Trusted More

The minister criticizing the present atmosphere in media for distrusting people to use domestic services said that: “We should gain the trust of people in the field of messaging services and the current propaganda is doing the opposite, for this issue must be solved. He then pointing out to businesses dependent on Telegram Messenger stated that: “Our economic system should not be tied to an infrastructure that in any case would be in threat. Just as Google and Apple which sanctioned our businesses a while back, this could happen with Telegram as well. No one in their right mind would tie country’s economic system to these infrastructures.

According to Mehr News, insurance, taxes, lack of investment, establishing companies, banning businesses, lack of license in differentiating user crimes from the service provider, lack of trust in users in Iranian services are some of the startup issues mentioned in the seminar which is preventing them to progress.

In the end, Mr. Jahromi said that whether we like it or not the future of the country is moving towards the digital economy, and for developing startups’ ecosystem, interaction is needed and radical approaches will not be the solution.

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