After the Workgroup of Leading IoT in the country started their activities, professional committees of IoT were decided to be established in the National Center for Cyberspace.

According to Mehr News Agency, meetings in the Workgroup of Leading IoT in the National Center for Cyberspace with the presence and participation of plenipotentiary representatives of different and related organizations and institutions have been held. These meetings emphasized on developing a mutual scheme in the matter of Internet of Things, presenting a single and unified definition for IoT, creating appropriate infrastructures for this technology and dealing with security and privacy issues in this field.

Also at these meetings, benefiting IoT’s capacities in-terms of creating more jobs and business development in the country were reviewed and discussed.

As a result committees alongside representatives of related organizations are to investigate special and technical aspects of IoT in different areas such as technology, Industries and applications, sovereignty (security, rights and laws), economy, society, and present the results to the Workgroup for making the final decisions.


Localizing IoT Management Platform in Isfahan

The Public Relations of Isfahan Science and Technology Town announced that a company located in this city has successfully managed to build and localize the analyzing and management platform in order to implement IoT plans.

This software platform has the ability to connect to a variety of sensors and the available modems in the IoT field is also capable of gathering and analyzing data, in big scale, from different sensors momentarily.

This software can be used in managing urban energy and resource, incidents related to emergency services and fire-fighting, urban green space, buildings and smart hospitals and complexes and all related matter.


More Than 70 Percent of World Businesses Are to Be Found in the Field of IoT

According to researchers, although some businesses are worried about their investment in the IoT, today more than 70 percent of the businesses around the world gather data related to IoT, and it’s been expected that a large number of organizations will allocate even more budget for analyzing and securing these data in the upcoming years.

Also, according to Public Relations Center of Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, today IoT has received a lot of attention in most countries, and many of Europe’s projects show how eager they are to enter the world of IoT and the sciences and technologies related to it.

Finally, in Iran the Workgroup of Leading IoT is established for the purposes of drafting a strategic document and a roadmap for the IoT, investigating and dividing national labor with identifying all benefiting sides and the involving authority, governmental, non-governmental and public sections along with identifying and choosing national pilot plans in the IoT field.

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