“Content is King” – Bill Gates, 1996

Have you ever heard this quote? Do you know anything about content writing and content marketing? In this article, we are going to discuss 6 content marketing tips to help you launch your startup.

Any marketing expert will tell you content writing is the primary key to run your startup. But how do you successfully employ content creation? Do you know how to write a good description of your product or service? Are you familiar with content writing for your website? Do you have a blog section for your website and are you a blogger?

These are some of the important questions that their answers would be helpful to help you run your business with the best attitude as your expectations.Here are 6 content marketing tips to successfully launch your startup.


1. Try to be Ordinary!

When you want to present your service or your product as a unique brand that is extraordinary, people may think this service or product isn’t suitable for them or costs a lot of money. In this situation, people wouldn’t be interested to know about the details of your business, unless you begin to explain to them how your service and product can change their lives with a suitable price.

2. Try to meet the customers’ needs

A good description of a service or product is one that meets people’s needs and problems. Your potential customers should think you made this service or product to enhance the quality of their lives while considering their needs and budget.

3. Try to write about your experience and failures

Don’t write an unbelievable story about your startup and present yourself as a superhero. Talk about the mistakes that you made and the experiences that you had. It can help the reader to accept you as a person with success and failure. Try to be Batman, not Superman! Batman belongs to people and he is a human, not an alien!

4. Try to be simple

Avoid being complex! It’s clear that you know the inside and outside of your startup completely, but explaining the technical stuff to customers would make them bored. Instead, write about your goals toward solving their problems, describe your service or product and show them how useful it could be for them.

5. Be tempting!

You can tempt the potential customers through words, for example except using the word “submit” on the registration form, use the word “sign up for free”. Give them a chance to use your service or product for free and persuade them to give you critical comments. Don’t be afraid of saying sorry for your faults. For example, when you mention in your social media that “we are really sorry for our late delivery” this phrase can ensure them you are aware of your shortcomings and want to solve them as soon as possible.

6. Try to use Magical words!

Some words have a magical effect on people. For example, when you use the word “guarantee”, people would trust you more easily since this word gives them assurance and a positive feeling about the after-sales services.


Nowadays people prefer to surf the net for each service and product that they need and choose the desired service through the words in your website, blog and social media. Be Cautious! People can judge your product and service by the image that you show them through your words.

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