With the massive improvements of internet infrastructure in Iran, many people have this question that when is the best time to post on social media platforms. In today’s infographic, you will find the best and worse times to post on 8 popular social media platforms based on Iranian users preference.


In the past four years, Iran has massively improved its internet infrastructure. To back this statement up, it’s enough to say that only mobile internet users have increased from a few million in 2014 to 47.5 million in 2017. Right now, internet penetration in Iran is 70% according to Internet World Stats. This 70% represents 56 million people who have access to the internet out of 80 million people living in Iran. Plus, there should be around 55 million smartphones in the country. With the mobile internet and smartphones becoming mainstream, social media has also gained much traction in the past few years. That’s why TechRasa in partnership with Nazar Bazaar has gathered statistics on the State of Internet & Social Media Usage for the very first time in the country. In these series of infographics, we gathered data on 9 different social media platforms and messaging apps using Nazar Bazaar’s tools for market research. 3707 Iranians from the age of 18 to 65 have answered our questionnaire; of which 2829 were men and 878 were women.

You can check these articles if you are interested to know more about the state of social media usage in Iran:


What’s the best and worse time to post on social media in Iran?

Here in the last infographic, we asked our participants in our study to give us the time that they are most and least active on these platforms. We have broken down the timing for the best and worse timing to post in daytime and nighttime. 

Currently, Telegram is the most widely used application in Iran with more than 40 million active users, next is Instagram with more than 20M users and third is Facebook with more than 17 million users in Iran. There are no official or trusted statistics regarding other social media platforms, plus they don’t have much of a traction in the country.

Here is the best and worse time to post on social media platforms in Iran:

The best and worse time to post on social media in Iran
The best and worse time to post on social media in Iran


[Update]: There was a mistake in Telegram statistic in the infographic, we corrected it. Thank you for letting us know.


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That’s really an informative article. I was looking to find out something on when should we post on various social media. Your article made me understand a lot of that in a simple way. I am sure It will surely gonna help me what I learned here. Keep up with this form of posts. Best wishes