Latest statistics until September 2017 by Iran’s Ministry of Communications shows that mobile internet users in Iran have reached to 47 million. Previous statistics from June 2017 was 41 million users.

According to a new report by Mehr News, statistics of Iran’s Ministry of Communications from September 2017 show that there are over 47 million and 332 thousand mobile internet users in the country. Also, over 10 million and 490 thousand Iranians are a landline internet subscriber who use ADSL or fiber optic services. The number of landline internet users has not seen much of a growth since June 2017, but mobile internet users have grown over 6 million during the same period from 41 million. Currently, 3G and 4G internet is available by all the Iranian mobile operators in all the major cities in the country.

Mobile subscribers’ penetration rate in Iran has seen 2.5x growth since 10 years ago. The current penetration rate for the active mobile subscribers in Iran is 106.43 percent, which ten years ago, in 2007, this number was only 39.5 percent. Until the end of September 2017, 156 million and 548 thousand SIM cards have been assigned to Iranians, of which 85 million and 64 thousand are active.


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These statistics also show that there are over 30 million and 661 thousand landline phones in Iran, which shows a penetration rate of 38.69 percent in the country. Landline phone penetration rate from 2007 was 33.49 percent.

Iran’s local internet bandwidth has not changed since June 2017, but has seen a 200x growth since 2009. 8 years ago, the country’s internet bandwidth used to be 31.8 gigabits per second while in the current year it has reached to 6,800 gigabits per second. International internet bandwidth in 2007 was also 6.05 gigabits per second while in September 2017, this number reached to 1,114 gigabits per second.

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