In the past couple of days, a number of Iranian websites have lost their access to Google Analytics. This issue is caused by “a violation of Analytics policies” as Google’s support team has answered.

These days the Iranian tech community is fighting with new challenges every day. In the past couple of days, a number of Iranian companies lost their Google Analytics’ account without a prior notice. Analytics is a service by Google which tracks and reports website traffic. This freemium service is a popular tool for website and mobile application developers for its comprehensive features.

After our initial research, we found out that Iranian websites which were restricted from Google Analytics were also using AdWords, another service by Google which allows advertisers to place their ads on the web. We assume that this termination of accounts by Google could be due to economic sanctions imposed on Iran. We have not yet received an official statement from Google on this issue.

Some of the messages which have been received by Iranian webmasters from Google Analytics team are the following:

“I’m afraid the accounts can not be restored, as they have been terminated indefinitely. I’m sorry to say I do not have much information on the reason for the suspension of the account, as it had been reviewed by our policy team.”

“We regret to inform you that this Google Analytics account has been canceled due to Terms of Service violations. For additional questions, please visit the Help Center.”

“It seems that your account has lost its access due to a violation of Analytics Policies. Unfortunately, I do not know what exact policy was violated as it is outside of my team’s scope. However, I was informed that we won’t be able to offer access to this analytics account.”

Screenshot from an email received by an Iranian admin from Google Analytics teams
Screenshot from an email received by an Iranian webmaster from Google Analytics teams

After exploring this issue and asking a number of other Iranian webmasters, we found out that there are still many websites which are using Google’s Analytics and AdWords and haven’t lost their account until now.

In the past couple of weeks, the Iranian tech community has been under a lot of pressure due to imposed sanctions on Iran. Last month, in August Apple pulled some of the Iranian apps from its store and rejected updates from them. Since then, Iranian developers have been using unofficial app stores for their iOS users.

In other news, Google has recently added Iran, China, Cuba, Macau, Myanmar and Sudan to its list of supported countries on Google Play. Users from these countries were previously restricted from accessing this Android app marketplace. Currently, except Macau the other newly added countries can only download free apps.

Screenshot from Google Play Console Help page
Screenshot from Google Play Console Help page

Iranian developers have been through many obstacles due to economic sanctions through out the years. For now, we have to wait and see how this new issue is going to end for Iran’s tech community.

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Amirhossein Rezazadeh
Amirhossein Rezazadeh

I know an account that had not used AdWords but was using Keyword Planner and it has been suspended too.

Does anybody think we have other options than just WAITING? I don’t think we have to wait. I think we have to act because there is no savior.


This news has not been confirmed. contact google customer service and solve your problems.


My account has been suspended, too. They returned my account after I contacted with their support, but after two days the account has been canceled again and they said they can’t help anymore and they can’t explain why!!!

Although it seems that the problem has something to do with Adwords payments, I have no problem using my Adwords account!!


Google Analytics has been canceled one of my account (the main account) with no reason. Other accounts moved to Trash Can, i have restored them but all the data lost. I am paid user of google services, i am using Google Adwords and paid a lot of bucks till now, i think it’s not fair, we lost all our business data for what? I have sent some emails, staffs from Google Adwords replied and they tried to solve my issue, but no luck. Finally i got an email from Google Analytics staff regarding cancellation of my GA account and in… Read more »

K a

Snapp and Tap30 lost access to google map services today……


it’s not true. Snapp is still using Google maps

agha neil
agha neil

it is true, kinda…they use a service called “cedar maps” for their apps and backend. You probably assume they are using gmaps because you see the logo on the app. test the database and you will see the results vary from what you find in google map searches. cedar is much, much more complete for this market as they are local and created their maps from scratch. They also have kikojas, which is a really strong local search mechanism

تست هوش

i have the same problem. abt two weeks ago i noticed i have lost my access to my Analytics account, though i’m not using adWords or any other paid services 🙁

i contacted them but they just replied:
“sorry, your account has been cancelled due to Terms of Service!”

no furthur explanations!!