Are you wondering which Iranian websites are getting the most user traffic from Iran? Here are the top 5 most visited Iranian websites based on Alexa traffic ranking.


Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Instagram and Telegram are on the list of top foreign websites visited by Iranians. But websites such as Amazon, Facebook and YouTube which are among the top most visited websites in many countries are not directly accessible in Iran. If you’re wondering about the top local websites in Iran, here is a list of 5 of them based on Alexa ranking which are getting heavy user traffic from inside the country.


1. Aparat

Aparat is currently the number one Iranian website in the country. The website is a video-sharing platform just like YouTube. Aparat found its place among Iranians in 2011 during the time when the international rivals such as YouTube got restricted in the country. Currently many corporates and independent personalities are making exclusive content for Aparat. Just like YouTube, one of Aparat’s revenue streams is through partnerships with content creators.

Currently, over 10.5 million videos are being played on Aparat everyday and its mobile application has been downloaded over 5 million times on Android


2. Digikala

Digikala is known as the biggest success story in Iran’s startup scene. This e-commerce brought the confidence and trust to Iranians in order to make online purchases and basically paved the way for the new wave of online retails. Digikala has a 90% market share with a logistic system which offers same day delivery. Last year Digikala launched a new vertical called Digistyle, which is targeting the fashion e-commerce scene in Iran.

Currently, Digikala gets over 1.5 million daily unique visitors and approximately has 3.5 million subscribers. Pomegranate’s estimated valuation of Digikala is around 775 million Euros which some experts have disputes over this number.

Digikala’s app is currently removed from the App Store due to US policies and sanctions implemented on Iran.


3. Varzesh3

Varzesh3 is the most popular football news website in Iran. Varzesh3 received attention and popularity through its advertisements in Iran’s main state run sports channel in the recent years.

Users can find the latest news on international and local football players and teams, watch recap videos, see live scores and read the sports newspaper’s headlines. Because of its popularity and community of fans, Varzesh3 makes a great deal of revenue through advertisement placements.



ShAPARAK, is an Electronic Card Payment Network System in Iran. SHAPARAK is basically a platform which brings together payment service providers (PSP) and Point of Sales (POS) through an integrated system.

When making online purchases using local debit cards, users are redirected to to type in their card information. Read more about Shapark from this link.


5. Namnak

Namnak is a new content website which publishes news, images and articles on a variety of topics such as celebrity news, culture and arts, health, fashion, entertainment, cooking, technology and sports.

This website uses backlinks and ads from other websites to attract users. From our observations Namnak will soon loose its ranking on the list.

Many websites lost their rank in this list due to heavy competitions in the recent years and many newcomers stepped up and passed the superiors. Could we see serious changes in this list in the upcoming months? We will take a look at this list in a few months and will get back to you with a new review.

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