Drone delivery is transforming the logistics and delivery industry around the world. Apparently Iranian companies are also accepting this shift and we may see delivery drones over some Iranian cities, but not the capital.

These days more and more companies are testing out drone delivery and are seeing this innovation as the future of logistics. Companies such as Google, Amazon, DHL, USPS and many others around the world have already tested out this delivery system and some have faced obstacles from the regulatory for its commercial use.

Last year, Iran Post Company announced that its working on a drone delivery project with the help of Iran Space Research Lab. According to Fars News, a few days ago, Hossein Mehri, CEO of Iran Post Company, announced that Iran Space Research Lab has successfully built a delivery drone capable of moving packages up to 5 kilograms. “Due to Tehran’s special restrictions, we still have not been able to obtain the permission to fly this drone above Tehran,” said Mehri. He added that for now the drone is planned to fly between Bandar Abbas and Kish Island in south of Iran. A few months ago Iran banned the flying of privately owned drones over Tehran skies due to security and privacy concerns.

Back in February 2016, Digikala, an Iranian e-commerce website took the first steps to implement drone delivery system in Iran by organizing a drone design contest.

A few miles away from the borders of Iran, a UAE-based company named Eniverse Technologies and an American drone maker named Skycart recently announced that they have partnered up to launch a drone delivery system in Dubai. According to Johmani, CEO of this drone delivery company in Dubai, these drones would cost AED 10-15 per delivery and the shipping will take 30 minutes or less. This project is expected to kickstart in 2018 after getting the regulation approvals, as reported by entrepreneur.com.

Currently Iranian on-demand delivery app companies are battling to take a bigger share in Tehran’s market. Is it possible that drones could possibly overtake this market in the upcoming years?

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