The 1st Nordic-Iranian Business Forum (NIBF) will be held on 20-21 of November in Stockholm, Sweden. Iranian corporates and startups in various fields including ICT are expected to attend this event.

Iran and Sweden have always had good relations throughout the history, but the countries saw a drop in trade during the peak of sanctions in the recent years. Since the JCPOA agreement and the partial lifting of the sanctions in 2015, Swedish companies have been trying to boost corporations with Iran to further explore this untapped market.

This year, for the first time SWIRCTC (Sweden-Iran Chamber of Trade and Commerce) and IGI (Investors Group Iran) are organizing the first Nordic-Iranian Business Summit in Stockholm. Keynote speakers at this event include Seyyed Rasoul Mohajer, Iran’s ambassador to Sweden and Helena Sångeland, Sweden’s ambassador to Iran.

The event gives an opportunity to the participants to explore the potentials of the Iranian market while also recognizing its challenges. “This summit somehow strives to swap FUD News (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) in regard to Iran’s market with FOP News (Feasibility, Opportunity & Potential),” said Soheil Zeinali, CEO of Sweden-Iran Chamber of Trade and Commerce. “Lack of clear, updated and adequate insight about the Iranian market, is assumed to be an essential bottleneck for many Nordic SMEs to enter the Iranian market. This event will hopefully be a great step for creating market insight and enhancing bilateral trade between Iran and Nordic countries,” he added.

As Mr. Zeinali told TechRasa that there are some major Nordic corporations, trademarks or brands which are assumed to be historically well-known in Iran. “However, there is an enormous number of Nordic SMEs with special abilities, who could essentially be beneficial for Iranian enterprises and consequently Iran’s economic growth,” he emphasized.

On the second day of NIBF, Iranian startup entrepreneurs will take the stage to give keynote speeches about the highlights of the Iranian startup ecosystem. There will also be a panel discussion exploring investment and collaboration opportunities and challenges in Iran’s tech market. According to the organizers of the event, SWIRCTC will grant a part of the event’s revenue to 10 startup entities in Iran or Nordic countries as a part of its social responsibility in order to encourage new entrepreneurs.

NIBF is also organizing the first large-scale Iranian exhibition in Nordic countries from16-18 of February, 2018 in Stockholm. TechRasa as a media partner of the Nordic Iranian Business Summit will be attending the event. Make sure to follow our social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) for more information and updates about the summit.

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