A Tehran-based online real estate listing platform has launched a rating system for the agencies in order to help the home buyers to make better decisions.

The rating system for the real estate agencies has never existed before in the Iranian market, but that’s about to change. Buying or selling a land or home is a relatively hard job and that’s why the role of a real estate broker who can uphold their duties is crucial in this process. That’s why Shabesh, one of the major real estate portals in Tehran, has launched an agency rating system in order to help customers find the right deal.

“The quality of the listings published on our site are very important for us, therefore we focus on the ratings and the publisher’s feedback received from users,’’ says Shahriar Hojabr, Founder and CEO of Shabesh.

This is not the first time a technical platform in Iran has implemented the rating system. Snapp and Tap30, the two major ride-hailing apps in Iran are already using the rating system for their drivers and also passengers to improve their services.

This service allows the user to see the real estate agent’s background with the exact business information. This rating system also allows the user to see which agent is active in their neighborhood and who adds value to the customers. The system basically helps the user to find out the agency’s past sales and shows all of their current apartment and available sales and rentals listings.

Shabesh is currently focused on Tehran agencies, but has plans to soon expand to Alborz and Mashhad provinces. “Our platform has brought a level of information and transparency to the real estate market by providing listings data from agencies and owners. We’re basically giving the consumers more power by changing Tehran’s real estate market from being the most blurred market to the most transparent,” says Shahriar Hojabr.

Shabesh started in 2015 and charges agencies a monthly subscription fee for B2B services. House hunters can use the site to assess the value of a property, see the full descriptions of a listing with photos, and report them in case of violation. The site competes with Alounak.com, ihome.ir and other online real estate platforms while trying to gain a bigger share of the market with its new features which were not previously available in the Iranian market.

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