WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in many countries. But what do you know about this app in Iran?

8 years ago, when WhatsApp was initially released, maybe no one thought that this app could one day attract a user base of over one billion and be acquired by Facebook for over $19.3 billion dollars. Today WhatsApp provides a lot more than just a simple messaging app. Sending files, voice notes, making audio and video calls and recently peer to peer money transfer (to be launched in India) are some of the features of WhatsApp.

As the mobile infrastructure improved and smartphones became ubiquitous, messaging apps also became the new social media in Iran. For some time Viber and Line were two of the most used messaging apps in the country, but they later gave their spot to Telegram and WhatsApp. Although almost everyone with a smartphone in Iran uses Telegram, WhatsApp is still the second choice for many people. One of the reasons for the popularity of WhatsApp in Iran is its voice and video call feature which unlike Telegram, is not blocked by the government.

For the first time, TechRasa and NazarBazaar have conducted a questionnaire to find out about the state of Internet and social media usage in Iran. NazarBazaar which is an Iranian market research platform helps businesses define surveys and sets incentives for consumers to answer them. 3,707 Iranians from the age of 18 to 65 have answered our questionnaire; of which 2,829 were men and 878 were women. Note that these statistics were gathered by the users of WhatsApp in Iran.

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In our demographic for this survey, around 64% said they use WhatsApp on a daily basis. An interesting fact is that Iranian women are a more frequent user of this app than Iranian men. Also, almost 50% in our demographic said that they open WhatsApp less than 5 times.

By far most people who answered this questionnaire said that each of their sessions takes 1 to 5 minutes and they usually use this app from 7 pm to 10 pm.

Check out the infographic below to see WhatsApp’s usage statistics in Iran and find out:

• How often Iranians use WhatsApp

• How often Iranians check WhatsApp during the day

• How long the average session is for Iranians on WhatsApp

• During which hours Iranians check WhatsApp

• Main reasons why Iranians use WhatsApp

• How much Iranians trust WhatsApp as a source of news

WhatsApp Statistics Iran
WhatsApp Statistics Iran

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