Pinterest is one of the most popular socials networks for people to store and share images and links around the web. But how much do you know about this platform’s usage statistics in Iran?

According to Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest, rather than an ordinary social media, this platform is more like a “catalog of ideas” which inspires users to “go out and do that thing”. Pinterest basically allows users to search over millions of images around the web to discover information and interesting images in different areas. Latest statistics by Omnicore show that Pinterest has 150 million monthly active users, while 70 million of which are in the US. Pinterest’s demographics also show that 81% of its users are female and they are millennial who use the platform as much as Instagram.

For the first time, TechRasa and NazarBazaar have conducted a questionnaire to find out about the state of Internet and social media usage in Iran. NazarBazaar which is an Iranian market research platform helps businesses define surveys and sets incentives for consumers to answer them. 3,707 Iranians from the age of 18 to 65 have answered our questionnaire; of which 2,829 were men and 878 were women. Note that these statistics were gathered by the users of Pinterest in Iran.

As for Iran, around 30% of Pinterest’s female users in our demographic check its website or app once a week. Almost 40% of Pinterest’s female users in Iran said that they use this platform to find new services and products, while for Iranian men this number is around 25%. 61.1% of women and 15.8% of men in our demographic said that they trust Pinterest as a source of news and information. It’s interesting to know that Pinterest is blocked in Iran.


Check out the infographic below to see Pinterest’s usage statistics in Iran and find out:

• How often Iranians use Pinterest

• How often Iranians check Pinterest during the day

• How long the average session is for Iranians on Pinterest

• During which hours Iranians check their Pinterest page

• Main reasons why Iranians use Pinterest

• How much Iranians trust Pinterest as a source of news

Pinterest Usage Statistics - Iran

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Nice read! Appreciate the effort.