With 2000 registrations for attendance at Iran’s first video game industry trade event, Tehran Game Convention is set to become the biggest gathering of game developers in the MENA region.

According to Iran Computer and Video Game Foundation, 2000 individuals including game developers, publishers, buyers, investors, press and students in the field of video games, have registered for the first series of TGC, making this event the biggest convention of game developers in the Middle East.

This event, being held in partnership with Iran Computer and Video Game Foundation and Game Connection France, will feature 126 companies and independent game developers from Iran and abroad, including, Canada, Austria, Russia, France, Japan, Estonia, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Holland, Finland, Cyprus, Jordan, Turkey, China and Malaysia.

Furthermore, 58 reputable and experienced game developers from Iran, France, Australia, Sweden, America, Canada, Russia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, England, Poland, Serbia, Japan, Turkey and the UAE will speak on technology, game design, project management, arts and business. In addition, specialized panels in the field of market development, branding and investment opportunities in Iran’s gaming industry will take place during this two-day event.

Two special events from the sponsors of the event will also take place at TGC, titled, “A look at Iran’s Computer Game Industry and Irancell’s positive impact,” and an introduction panel by Ario company titled, “Let the hero inside you play.”

6 all-day Master Classes are amongst the other featured programs at this event. Class instructors will provide attendees with concentrated presentations on critical and practical concepts.

The first international video game trade exhibition and conference, TGC, will take place July 6-7 at the IRIB International Conference Center.

The exclusive application for the conference has been also released for both the Android and iOS platforms, make sure to check it out.

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