Karamaan, an Iranian non-profit is trying to tap into the high potential of internships in Iran. The application for Karamaan’s summer internship program is open until the first of July.

When you’re in your 20s and fresh out of college you have the whole world ahead of you! Since you have the time for it, you start working on that art project you’ve always been thinking of, or you start practicing your favorite sport everyday. But when it comes to choosing your professional career you might not know what direction to take even after college. But hey! you’re in your 20s, so you still have a couple of years to test the water in different fields. Doing internships and volunteer work can help you develop your self-confidence and skills and set the foundation of your career.

Now, thanks to Karamaan, students in Iran can apply for internship and apprenticeship opportunities in various fields. During this program which takes 4 to 8 weeks, students will be able to gain real world experience, build a network and find their passion. “Karamaan is a collaborative initiative with companies to help students gain valuable work experience so they can build successful careers and ventures,” said Sadaf Alidad, a team member of Karamaan.

Although Iran is known to have a large pool of young talent, many of them have trouble finding a job related to their field of studies. “We have over 1 million unemployed university graduates and this number will increase,” said Sara Mohammadi, one of the team members of Karamaan who started this initiative for students. “Even if we engage and impact 15% of students, we are looking at changing lives of 150,000 young workforces, the most important national asset of Iran,” she added.

Shokooh Yazdani, another team member of Karamaan says that the primary act of this non-profit is to make internships an integral and necessary part of the student experience in Iran. “The impact can be significant once our online portal is launched. We are offering an effective way to bridge students with companies and internship opportunities,” she said.

Karamaan’s summer internship program is highly competitive. After the selection process, 20 students will be allocated to different companies in Tehran. “Companies can also build talent in areas which they have skill shortage, especially digital activities,” said Faeze Aarabi of Karamaan. Currently some of the companies collaborating with Karamaan include Caspian Mode, Kalleh, NetBarg, Jobinja, Peeyade and ZoodFood.

TechRasa is a media partner of this non-profit initiative. The application for Karamaan‘s summer 2017 internship program is now open – application deadline will be July 1, 2017.

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