Nowadays, social media platforms have become a big part in the lives of Iranians. In today’s infographic, we are going to shed light on how Iranians use Google Plus.

TechRasa and NazarBazaar took the initiative to do a research using NazarBazaar’s market research platform to reflect the use of social media by Iranians. In a series of articles that would be published by time, we are going to shed light on the usage statistics of all the major social media platforms in the country.

For today’s infographic, we are going to take a look at the usage statistics of Google Plus in Iran. The initial purpose of Google Plus was to be a social network partly as a challenge to Facebook. But that strategy wasn’t successful since Facebook provided much more personal and better experience than Google plus. Apparently, later on, Google changed its strategy and made it a medium to bind not only Google services together but also other third-party services as well. That’s why you see the option of Signing In or Signing Up with Google Plus in many websites.

In the following infographic you can find details about:

  • How often Iranians use Google Plus on average
  • How often Iranians check Google Plus on average
  • How long is the average session for Iranians on Google Plus
  • During which hours Iranians check their Google Plus page
  • Why Iranians use Google Plus
  • How much Iranians trust Google Plus as a source of news


Infographic: Google Plus Usage Statistics in Iran
Infographic: Google Plus Usage Statistics in Iran

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Wiliam Matar
Wiliam Matar

I use Google Plus from Lebanon and very satisfied. I Love this social media platform.