What do you know about the African tech and startup ecosystem? Read this article to learn more about the tech events and initiatives which support Africa’s entrepreneurs.


Africa has one of the fastest growing mobile network infrastructures in the world. West Africa alone is the home of 175 million subscribers according to GSMA’s report. From an estimated population of 372 million in West Africa, Nigeria has an estimated population of around 191 million in 2017. This has made Nigeria to be considered the stronghold of the region and one of the most important markets in Africa. Because of this, there are many Nigerian tech entrepreneurs whom are helping to organize a tech event named Techplus, to attract the global players of this industry to the country. Techplus is considered as the largest tech event in Africa this year and it is to be held between the 4th and 8th of July 2017 in Nigeria.

Some of Africa’s tech hubs include ccHub (Lagos, Nigeria), Jozihub (Johannesburg, South Africa), iHub (Nairobi, Kenya), iSpaces (Accra, Ghana) and Outbox (Kampala, Uganda). AfriLabs, a prominent network of tech hubs, has also announced and welcomed 11 new hubs into its pan-African network structure, which are: nHub (Nigeria), inCUBE8 (Malawi), iBridge (Nigeria), Lumumba Labs (Democratic Republic of Congo), Wenak Labs (Chad), Sote Hub (Kenya), The Innovation Village Kampala (Uganda), The Tech Village (Zimbabwe), BitHub (Kenya), dLab (Tanzania), Startpreneurs (Nigeria), as TechCrunch reported.The African tech startups raised funding in excess of 129 million US dollars in 2016, according to data compile by Disrupt Africa.

There are many programs which are greatly reforming the tech ecosystem in Africa. Andela is one of these programs which is backed by the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and is now operating in three African countries. The aim of this establishment is to create world class developers in the tech industry. Also, we can mention Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology in Ghana (MEST) which is a non-profit post-graduate training and mentoring school for startups. They have now extended their branches to Nigeria and South Africa.

Regarding the programs which promote tech in Africa, we can mention Microsoft’s 4Afrika initiative and also Demo Africa which aims to connect African startups to the global ecosystem. Demo Africa is taking place between 16th and 17th of November, 2017 in Johannesburg and is affiliated with [email protected]

Talking about successful African tech companies, we can mention Jumia which is an e-commerce business started in Nigeria and is now operating in Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco and Uganda. Another success story of Nigeria is Konga which is an e-commerce company founded in 2012.

In view of all these, Africa can proudly stand as one of the fastest growing tech markets in the world, with extraordinary talented youth who have the hunger to build and exploit tech opportunities and innovations.

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