To take part in a new market you have to study its players. That’s why In this article we go through the top 5 most popular Iranian Android apps on Cafe Bazaar in the month of June 2017.


With 39.9  million installs on smartphones, Cafe Bazaar is the dominant Android App market in Iran. Due to international banking limits, Iranian developers are widely using Cafe Bazaar to distribute their applications. Iranians prefer to use Cafe Bazaar since the app is available in Persian and is customized with the local culture and they can also use their local debit cards to make in-app purchases. It’s worth mentioning that developers have made over 80 billion Tomans (nearly $21M) on Cafe Bazaar in the last 5 years.

Below are the top 5 most popular Iranian Android applications based on the number downloads on Cafe Bazaar.


1. Divar


Number of downloads: +11 M

Divar (meaning wall in Persian) is Iran’s largest online classified mobile app and a subsidiary of Cafe Bazaar. Whether you want to find real estate, vehicles, electronics or you’re looking for a new career, Divar could be your answer. Posting on Divar is completely free of charge but to add special characteristics to your ad you can pay small amount of fees. For example by paying 6 thousand Tomans ($1.5) you can add your posting to the urgent section for three days.

Divar is available in 51 cities of Iran and the app has also expanded to Afghanistan.


2. BadeSaba Calendar

BadeSaba Calendar
BadeSaba Calendar

Number of downloads: +8 M

BadeSaba (meaning zephyr in Persian) is the most popular Android calendar app amongst Iranians. One way to know if this app is installed on someone’s phone is by hearing the adhan (the islamic call for worship) from people’s smartphone at prescribed times of the day. The app has Persian (solar), lunar and Gregorian calendars and also includes the national and religious holidays. Many people also use this app to find the Qibla, the direction that muslim prayers should face during their prayers.

BadeSaba’s clean and sleek design is a big plus one for this calendar app.


3. Jabe Abzar

Jabe Abzar
Jabe Abzar

Number of downloads: +6 M

Jabe Abzar (meaning toolbox in Persian) is the Swiss army knife of apps! Instead of downloading multiple apps you can use Jabe Abzar which contains many tiny tools such as compass, stop watch, bubble level, unit converter, heart beat rate, weight control, color measure and dozens of more features.

The app has a simple design and all these tools come in the form of a 6 mb app!


4. Aparat


Number of downloads: +4 M

Aparat is the number one video sharing platform in Iran. Aparat found its place amongst Iranians in 2011 during the time when many of the international rivals such as YouTube got restricted in the country. Currently many corporates and independent personalities are making exclusive content for Aparat.

Thanks to the improvements of mobile internet in the recent years, more people are watching online videos using Aparat’s app on their mobile devices. Currently over 6 million videos are being watched on Aparat per day.


5. Telegram Farsi (Unofficial)

Telegram Farsi
Telegram Farsi

Number of downloads: +3 M

As you may have already heard, Telegram with 40 million users in Iran is the most popular messaging app in the country. The official app has many features but they’re apparently not enough for the tech savvy Iranians! That’s why many free and paid apps based on Telegram’s client-side code are developed to offer extra features for users.

As the name implies, this app is an unofficial Farsi version of Telegram which offers extra features and options for group chats, texting and playing multimedia files.

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