According to a research by Statistical Center of Iran, social media usage has tripled among the Iranians since three years ago. Statistics also show that the number of internet users in Iran has increased by 17.5% in the Persian year 1395, comparing to the previous year.

Thanks to the developments of Internet infrastructure, including the expansion of mobile networks in the country, Iran is witnessing a substantial growth in the number of its internet users. Social media and messaging apps have tremendously changed the way Iranians communicate and spread the news with each other in the recent years. Now according to a research by Statistical Center of Iran in the Persian year 1395, social media usage has tripled since three years ago. For this research 25 thousand households, including a community of people living in ordinary households, groups and institutions in urban and rural areas were interviewed in the Persian year 1394. Note that now we’re in the third month of the year 1396 as this article is being written.

Statistics from the last month of the year 1394 had shown that 45.3% of Iranians use the internet. New statistics in the year 1395 show that this number has increased by 17.5% and has reached to 53.23% a year after. According to this research in the year 1394, 57.4% of the households in Iran had access to computers at home; this number has increased to 61.39% in the year 1395 showing a 7% growth. The number of households with internet access has also seen a 12% growth from 55.5% in 1394 to 62.21% in 1395.

Access to internet & computers in Iran - Source: Statistical Center of Iran
Access to internet & computers in Iran – Source: Statistical Center of Iran

Statistical Center of Iran has also stated that 45.3% of Iranians over the age of 6 years old are using the internet. This number has increased over 50% since the year 1392 (3 years ago). Other results from this research show that 81% of the Iranians not using internet have stated that they did not feel the need for this service. In this research 37% of the people who weren’t using the internet in Iran have stated that they have no knowledge of this service, 29% stated that they lack sufficient knowledge or skills to use the internet and 25% had cultural concerns.

Internet penetration among households is one of the major indicators of a country’s progress towards an information society. Stay tuned for TechRasa’s upcoming articles and analysis from the future reports of Statistical Center of Iran and the ICT Organization on the state of internet usage in Iran.

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