As Iran continues to prioritize the expansion and modernization of its rail infrastructure, Siemens will support the development of safe, efficient, reliable and digitalized rail networks showcased at the Iran Rail Expo 2017 in Tehran.

Addressing the requirements of rising population and industrialization in Iran, Siemens is presenting rail technology for rolling stock, customer service, electrification and automation for both new infrastructure development and the modernization of existing networks.

“Fast, reliable and safe rail networks will be the backbone of Iran’s economic development, supporting demographic change and industrialization, and making a positive impact on the lives of citizens,” said Dr. Mohsen Nayebzadeh, CEO of Siemens in Iran. “We are committed to strengthening Iran’s transport infrastructure by using innovative technology for urban, freight and fast intercity rail, combined with local knowledge to build a modern, efficient, reliable and digitalized mobility network for the country’s future.”

Digitalized mobility infrastructure is a key theme for Siemens at this year’s Expo, and the company will be demonstrating its portfolio of digital services. Railigent is a secure IT infrastructure which combines technologies for monitoring, data analysis and prediction to increase reliability and availability, and also reduce operational risk and lifecyle cost.

Continuing the theme of digitalized infrastructure, Siemens will also present its Integrated Mobility Platform SiMobility Connect, a digital platform with interfaces for transport operators and service providers, integrating passenger information, booking, ticket purchase and payment across various transport modes.

Siemens’ Mobility Consulting division is positioned to play a key role in the expansion and modernization of Iran’s rail network, by developing strategies and integrated concepts to address the transportation challenges of policy makers, transport operators and other mobility stakeholders.

Siemens has been a contributor of technology to key infrastructure projects in Iran since 1868, maintaining a significant local operation with a substantial service presence. The company is committed to supporting Iran’s sustainable economic development with innovative technology, continuing its role as a reliable partner in electrification, automation and digitalization. Siemens also remains a responsible member of society by investing in jobs, education and training.

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