Cafe bazaar, an Iran-based Android application marketplace for Persian speakers attends the MWC to introduce Iran’s local mobile ecosystem.

Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organized by the GSMA and held in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, from 27 February to 2 March 2017.

With the help of Cafe Bazaar, Iranian developers have been working hard in the past 5 years to develop local apps for the Iranian market. “By attending the MWC, Cafe Bazaar aims to introduce Iran’s local mobile ecosystem, its potentials, and to find ways to give local developers new chances to reach a wider audience and to work on a larger scale,” says Iman Mohammadi, Cafe Bazaar’s business development manager.

Iran has one of the highest internet user populations in the Middle East. And Android OS plays an important role in the market to the point that Cafe Bazaar’s app has been installed on more than 32M smartphones.

Earlier this month, Hesam Armandehi, CEO of Cafe Bazaar, during his speech at the launching ceremony of the second phase of National Information Network, announced that “up until now, there have been more than 100K local Android apps submitted to Cafe Bazaar.”

Cafe Bazaar is now focusing on introducing itself as a successful marketplace for Android applications in the region, and seeks new e-commerce developments to improve its users’ and developers’ experience. According to Cafe Bazaar, developers have made more than 80 billion Tomans (nearly $21M) in the last 5 years by selling their apps and its content through Bazaar’s platform. “We also try to develop our business strategy and reach new audience among Persian-speaking people such as Afghans. There are already several native or tailored apps available on Cafe Bazaar for Afghans as well,” says Mr. Mohammadi.

In recent years, Cafe Bazaar has also attracted several world class developers and game companies such as Supercell and Gameloft to make their products available to Persian-speaking users.

In a press conference held on March 2016, Armandehi had welcomed the presence of foreign competitors in Iran saying this will not only help to offer diverse products to the Iranian users, but it also provides a chance for Iranian developers to gain more experience and reach higher standards to work globally through facing competition and possible cooperation.

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