Following many debates over the activities and operations of Iranian ride-hailing startups, the head of traffic police has made a warning to all drivers working in these platforms.

The Traffic Police and Its allegiance to the Ride-Hailing Opposers

It started off by the Taxi Agency, the Car Rental Agency’s Union and the Tehran Information Technology Union claiming that ride hailing apps like Snapp and Tap30 are fundamentally illegal and requested that these companies should be shut down. Hossein Mehri the head of Iran’s traffic police has made a warning to drivers that it will execute the already emplaced law that “Private/individual drivers can not operate as taxis” and will fine the drivers with 30k Tomans (9$). In reality this law has been placed for ages, though not executed. Tens of thousands of drivers operate as taxis in Iran without having any permit or allowance by any company. Due to the fact that Iran’s daily need for transportation is enormous, the police never stops individual drivers on transporting passengers. The Traffic Police obviously does not have the authority to close down any of these companies, but it can use legal tools to lower the progress of these companies. The head of traffic police told Itmen “ There has been talks with the Ministry of Interior to hold a meeting in the supreme traffic coordination committee to discuss the operations of these companies”.

There are those who support

Due to the fact that these startups create a vast amount of job opportunities, government officials approve of these activities to the point  that the Ministers of Communications, Labor and Interior have created a special committee to support these companies even further. The Minister of Communications also mentioned many times that these companies do not prevent the work of traditional companies in this industry, but they have grown the market size. The Minister of Communications also mentioned many times that the support on these companies will not stop from our side.

According to Itmen, both opposers and the supports elaborate on the existence of these companies not creating a regulation structure for their operations.

If opposers manage to close down these companies 30 thousand drivers will lose there jobs and hundreds of thousands of happy customers will lose their favored method of transportation.

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Please proofread your articles!

Hossein Mehri the head of Iran’s traffic police has => Hossein Mehri, the head of Iran’s traffic police, has

though not ‘executed’ => though not ‘enforced’

There ‘has’ been talks => There ‘have’ been talks

And many more errors. It was just the first paragraph.


The law can’t keep up with the technology . It will adapt eventually 😉