The Pitcher, Istanbul’s annual pitching event, will be held in April 2017 at Workinton, Levent. The event is giving an opportunity to entrepreneurs to showcase their business in front of some of the most prominent local and international investors.

The pitcher’s first event was a local get-together, but this year’s event has an international vibe! 20 startups will be chosen out of thousands of applications to pitch in front of over 70 investors from Turkey, Europe and Silicon Valley and will compete in order to receive special prizes from The Pitcher’s sponsors and partners.

During the event, investors will be introduced to many game-changing ideas and aspiring projects and will get familiar with emerging trends. Along with hearing the startup pitches, all attendees will also be able to join multiple conferences, seminars and workshops and will have the chance to enjoy a whole day full of networking.

Who is it for?

The participating entrepreneurs and startup teams will have the chance not only to present their companies to the investors but also to establish great new connections, to expand their networks, receive support and to impress potential customers, business partners and future team members.

Investors would also have the great opportunity to observe many promising local and global startups, meet with talented and ambitious entrepreneurs, get introduced to many game-changing ideas and aspiring projects, and to get familiar with emerging trends. All attendees will have the ability to be part of one inspiring experience, including meeting with interesting people, listening to great pitches, making new contacts and getting fresh ideas through observation.

The Pitcher 2017 is organized by Insprad with the cooperation of TET (Turkish Electrical Electronics and Services Exporters Association). The event will be completely free for all pitchers, attendees and other startup enthusiasts, who would like to attend.
To get more information about The Pitcher 2017 and reach the application form, go to

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