Fashion met with Technology in the first Startup Weekend Fashion event of Tehran. The event gathered around 98 participants to form 10 teams to build a fashion-tech business in 54 hours.

The Startup Weekend Fashion & Tech was held on the 11th floor of Tehran’s famous Palladium building. The event also brought together famous brands and sponsors in Iran’s fashion and fashion-Tech scene. The goal was to bring innovation in Iran’s fashion industry and to inspire and educate aspiring entrepreneurs in building startups with the theme of fashion. The event also introduced latest technologies where participants could’ve used in building their ideas such as VR and the iBeacon device. The pre-event bootcamp was the place where all these technologies were introduced. “Great ideas were shared and some of the participants used some of the gadgets through out the program,” said Amirreza Mohammadi the event’s lead organizer.

Over 35 ideas were presented which were narrowed down to 10 by participants poll. A total of 10 teams started working on Wednesday evening all the way to Friday evening. Participants were privileged with the guidance and presence of some influential experts in the industry such as Amir Hosein Mehdizadeh, previous Dior and Swarovski Designer and Shahin Fatehi, CEO of DORSA.

“The number of female participants was very impressive. I was also fascinated by the incredibly high number of female developers among the crowd, which is very higher than what we see in Europe and specifically in France,” said Moojan Asghari one of the organizers of the event who traveled to Iran for this event.

On the third day, all the teams pitched in front of the judges and top three winners were selected.

Winners were:

1st: Fit & Fine

An application for personalized online fashion design. The user needs to enter some information as input and then the application offers various styles as a basis for the design by taking items from existing local brands.

2nd: Aseman11 (11th Sky)

How can you know if the clothes that you buy online will fit you perfectly? Aseman11 responds to this problem with an e-commerce site and a 3D virtual scanner that allows the user to create a precise size profile and be able to preview the clothes on his own body-shape.

3rd: Klouch

If you saw a picture of an outfit you like but you can’t find it anywhere to purchase, Klouch is for you. Klouch is a marketplace that allows fashion designers to present their products, and those who want to order an article with only a simple photo. You just need to upload a photo of the item you wish to have on the platform and wait for a designer to respond to your request.

Statistics also showed that 51% of the participants were women and 49% men. Average age of participants were 24. 20% applied as designers, 56% with business tickets and 24% developers. 48% of the developers were women.

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