Iran Vice Minister of Economy introduced 8900 new services in business licenses. These services are in license requirements, license confirmations, certifications and credentials and more.

In a ceremony yesterday to showcase the national license query map, Seyed Hossein Mirshojaee talked about the challenges facing obtaining license for businesses. Lack of transparent and detailed information in getting licenses and permits has been of the main problems they’ve been trying to solve as expressed by Iran’s vice minister of economy. “When we started, government organizations and their subsidiaries had almost no clue how the process of issuing permits went, and how many license and permits existed. In order to prevent prolongation in this process, these organizations delegated the whole process to another organization within the government body,” said the Vice Minister.

These problems led the ministry of economy to create a national inquiry map to see which services are needed in helping businesses to obtain licenses. This took the team 2 years to research and completely analyze all the licenses in order to come up with the proper inquiry systems and the services that are required.

Many of the licenses have merged together in order to boost efficiency within the ministries and government bodies, and to save time and money for businesses. Some services that were not vital had also been removed or “reengineered”.

5 major government systems that do the major inquiries are among the restructured and reengineered organizations when it comes to permits and license. This includes the judicial system which is responsible for 27% of all queries. The Police department, Ministry of Economy itself, Ministry of Interior Affairs and Ministry of Health are the other 4 government organizations.

There are also other major governmental bodies that receive the most inquiries which also include the Central Bank of Iran, Ministry of Economy, Chamber of Commerce and more.

According to the Vice Minister, more than 78% of the issues in this field will be solved if all these government organizations function within this structure. This will lead to creating a better business environment in Iran, and will reduce costs and time for businesses.

Startups on the other hand are in good fortune because of this act. The bureaucracy and license process for startups usually takes months, which is considered as a long time in a startup’s watch. This will help Iranian startups to obtain the necessary license in a shorter time and help content based startups and businesses to faster get the necessary permits to operate and generate content.

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Any source where we can get this licenses and permits?