There are thousands of interesting podcasts out there which you can get an awful lot of information from them. Here are 5+1 podcasts in business and tech that we recommend.

Listening to podcasts is a great way to combat the unproductive hours of the day. The conversations on a podcast bring a deeper awareness of that specific topic, re-sparkle new ideas and can uncover additional facts for the listener. I personally love listening to my favorite podcasts while commuting in Tehran’s killer traffic or when I’m taking care of the tasks at home. To me, everything becomes more enjoyable when I have my headphones on listening to my favorite talk or show.

Following and subscribing to podcasts has also become much easier these days. Apps such as SoundCloud and Apple’s Podcast have also made it quite easy to download and sync the new episodes to your devices without any hassle. So if you’re not a book-reading type of person, there’s no excuse for you to also miss listening to podcasts!

Now without further ado, here are 5+1 podcasts relevant to business and tech.


1.  The Tim Ferris ShowThe Tim Ferris Show

I’m obsessed with The Tim Ferris Show! Tim Ferris is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, angel investor and startup advisor. On his podcast, Tim interviews and deconstructs the habits, routines and tactics of gurus and world-class leaders. Some of the previous guests on the show include Tony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen and Mike Shinoda. The interviews on the podcast are usually raw and in a long-form but not tedious at all! The Tim Ferris Show is also generally the number 1 business podcast on iTunes. So if you haven’t already, make sure to check it out right now.


2. The Smart Passive IncomeThe Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn, the host of The Smart Passive Income teaches you on how to build an online passive income business. “Running an online business built around passive income allowed me to spend more time with my new wife—and shortly afterward, our first child—and I wanted to share the techniques I learned with other people in similar situations,” says Pat on his blog. On his podcast, Pat interviews successful business owners and asks their advice on various subjects such as leadership, productivity, marketing, pricing products and social media.


3. StartUpStartUp

StartUp is a podcast about starting a business and seeing it thrive. On the first season, the hosts of the show, Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow take you through the process of starting Gimlet Media, the company behind the StartUp podcast. On the second season, Alex and Lisa follow the journey of the founders of a startup company called “Dating Ring”. Through this season you’d get to hear the ups and downs, failures and successes of Dating Ring as it proceeds. On season 3 listeners get to hear the stories behind a business in each episode.


4. Planet MoneyPlanet Money

Planet Money is a short fun podcast about the economy! The podcast started in mid-2008, during the global financial crisis to discuss the economic terms with stories. Though the title of the episodes may seem boring for some, the hosts make the show educational and fun. Every week 2 episodes are released, and the episodes are usually between 15 to 20 minutes long. This podcast could be the gateway for anyone trying to understand the financial market.


5. Open for BusinessOpen for Business

Open for Business is a branded podcast from eBay and Gimlet Creative, about building a business from the ground up. Topics like, how to settle a price for your product, how to hire a new employee and how to market your company have been discussed in the previous shows. Season 1 of the Open for Business podcast has ended with 6 episodes. You can now fill out a form from this link to tell the producers about the topics you’d like to hear on season two.


Last but not least

6. Rasa TalksRasa Talks

Rasa Talks is a podcast by TechRasa. The aim of Rasa Talks is to bring you the latest on Iran’s tech and startup news. In each episode we talk about the future trends, inside news about the startup ecosystem in Iran, upcoming events and more. Post-sanction era opportunities, international payment systems and missing startups in Iran’s startup scene are some of the topics discussed in the previous episodes. Let us know about the topics you’d like to hear on Rasa Talks and we’ll make sure to consider your suggestions for the upcoming episodes.

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