Tehran Municipality has taken on a new initiative to identify and help the poor kids of the city and their families through an online platform called Jahadiam. Tehran’s citizens could become volunteer teachers for the kids who can’t attend school due to poverty. The motto for this initiative is called “Tehran, a school for all”.

There are inequities in every part of the world and the city of Tehran, with over 9 million population is not an exception. Just around every neighborhood of this city there are poor families who can’t provide a hospitable environment for their children and are not able to send their kids to school. Child labor has also become an issue in this city and acts as a serious obstacle for kids to access education.

In the past few days, Tehran Municipality started a new campaign in the metro stations of Tehran for a new initiative called Jahadiam. For the first phase of this program, Tehran Municipality launched an online platform which contributors could register their information in order to join the groups of people aiming at helping the poor. According to Naseri Pour, an official from Tehran Municipality, there are 15,000 dropout kids in Tehran and that’s why the municipality has asked the citizens to join the program.

On ‘Jahadiam’ website, citizens could fill out a form to donate money or send out gifts to the kids. Others could join the initiative by volunteering to teach or assist the kids in various fields. If citizens are aware of someone in need they could introduce those people. Underprivileged families could also ask for aid through the website. After completing the forms, contributors would then get contacted for further details about information sessions.

For now Jahadiam is not connected to any banking system for people who want to make donations, but we might expect this in the future updates. Currently there are a couple of crowdfunding websites in Iran such as 2nate, Fundoran and Mehrabane which run charity campaigns. You can read about these startups from here and here.

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