Avacamp the new initiative from Avatech accelerator is up and running to empower the young generation who are not ready for the acceleration phase but are in need of a pre-acceleration program.

Avatech has been active for nearly three years now, and currently they are hosting the teams from cycle 4 for the acceleration program. As you might know, Iran startup ecosystem is young and the youth still need the right mindset and training to be able to implement their ideas into scalable and repeatable business models. In the past couple of years, there was something missing in the ecosystem and that was a pre-acceleration program. According to the unofficial reports, right now, there are up to 20 accelerators in the country which are in the launch phase or up and running. But there was a need for a pre-acceleration program which accelerators couldn’t simply offer since they were designed for some other purposes. Avatech as one of the leading accelerators in the country felt this need and started their initiative named Avacamp to empower the youth and educate them to be ready for the acceleration program.

As Avatech says on its website, Avacamp is a two months free program that provides workspace, mentorship and training to startups. The program is developed for boosting startups by helping them validate their business model, gain customer insight, understand their market and go to market strategy, optimize their product and build up their team. Startups will also learn about investors pitch and fundraising basics. They would also connect teams to experienced mentors and help them build their business network further.

This free pre-acceleration program could help Avatech and the teams to be ready for the acceleration program. In this way, the accelerator energy wouldn’t be wasted on the teams that are not ready for the actual game. And at the end, some entity should take care of educating the youth on the subject of startup.


We hope to see more free pre-acceleration programs from other accelerators as well, since there’s a high demand for education from the new generation of business founders in Iran.

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