Iran Post Company is currently testing its drones in Kish Island to further dive into their new strategy of going into e-commerce.

Iran Post company which was struggling with its revenue difficulties up until a few years ago has shifted its main focus strategy from mail delivery to product delivery maneuvering around e-commerce. On this road, the Iran Post Company has commenced a wide range of restructuring in the organization to bring more efficiency. In a partnership with Iran Space Research Lab, Iran Post Company is now testing drones to implement it in the nationwide logistic system in densely urbanized locations. Kish Island will be the first location to pilot this project.

A total of 5 new projects is in development with the help of Iran Space Research Lab including drone delivery, harnessing IoT-based technologies on the post side, using more advanced technologies in detecting illegal packages without manually opening the package and more.

The CEO of Iran Post Company which is also the vice minister of Iran communications and technology also added that e-commerce is going to be the main focus of Iran’s state-owned posting and logistic company. “Due to the fact that posting letters are declining worldwide, post companies are shifting towards product delivery and services, and e-commerce development, which Iran Post Company is also taking this approach determinedly,” said Mohsen Mehri, CEO of Iran Post Company and vice minister of communications and technology.

A few months back, Iran’s Post Company also announced that it’s raising fund for multiple projects and developments of Iran’s largest post company.

E-commerce giant DigiKala is also another company that has an eye on drone delivery which had also done some actions in this field as well.

Drone delivery in Iran soon? We won’t say that soon but surely on the list.

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