We are glad to announce the first series of TechRasa’s market overview white paper reports starting with Iran AdTech Overview with sponsorship and data partnership with Adro AdExchange, Iran’s first AdExchange opening Iran’s online advertising landscape to the world.

AdTech is the short term for Advertising Technology. A broad range of technologies such as Consumer Behavior Analysis, Fraud Detection, Advertising Exchange and many others are used in the context of advertising. These complex systems are designed to show digital advertisement to targeted audience. The front-end of AdTech includes items such as digital banners, social network ads, search engine ads and video and mobile ads. The back-end system helps to target the right audience. It also provides analytics and tools for both, publishers and advertisers.

In the recent years, AdTech has changed the traditional advertising industry. This technology provides a platform for advertisers to plan and manage their own campaigns. With the recent developments, digital advertising is shifting from displaying banners, to new platforms such as social media, video and mobile advertising. These new content delivery platforms, may provide invaluable data about elements such as location, age and gender for advertisers. As advertisers have more valuable data about individuals, they can plan more successful campaigns as well. It is believed that these new platforms will be the key drivers of the whole advertising industry. Also the growth of interest in digital advertising has created a great potential for investing in AdTech ecosystem. In general, AdTech’s purpose is to show the right content to right audience with the most reasonable price.

In this report you’ll find out about:

  • The evolution of advertising
  • Iran AdTech ecosystem
  • Adtech’s local and international trends
  • and Adtech’s challenges and opportunities


Total Advertising Impression in Iran
Total Advertising Impression in Iran


Download the report for free from the link below:

Report: Iran AdTech Overview

Stay tuned for more in-depth reports from TechRasa. Please feel free to give us your thoughts and feedback for future reports.

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