Siemens will strengthen its role as a technology partner to Iran’s energy sector, demonstrating world-class electricity management solutions at the 16th International Electricity Exhibition of Iran (IEE) from November 5th to 8th in Tehran.

Siemens will highlight technology for efficient, reliable and safe electricity transmission and distribution for modern power networks at the International Electricity Exhibition of Iran. “Iran is continuing to modernize its energy infrastructure in order to meet rapidly increasing demand for electricity, and innovative transmission and distribution technology is required in order to build a strong, reliable and flexible grid,” said Dr. Mohsen Nayebzadeh, CEO of Siemens in Iran. “Siemens has played a key role in Iran’s infrastructure development for more than 150 years, and we are committed to supporting the country’s goals with innovative technology and knowledge transfer.”

Siemens global and regional experts will also be on hand to share their knowledge about the company’s portfolio of energy management and transmission and distribution technology. Siemens’ Energy Management Division provides utility companies and industries with a portfolio which includes systems for the low-voltage and distribution power grid level, smart grid and energy automation solutions, power supply for industrial plants, and high-voltage transmission systems.

Siemens is able to provide customized solutions to the individual requirements of a customer’s substation, while monitoring all relevant components of the electricity supply network from transformers and switchgear to overhead lines and cables. This provides seamless integration with Siemens substation communication and visualization infrastructure, from simple bay controllers to high-end control center applications.

The company’s portfolio in Iran comprises technology for highly efficient power generation, transmission and distribution, innovative mobility solutions for modern rail and road networks, smart building technology for intelligent city infrastructure and digital automation technology for highly productive manufacturing and industry.

The 16th international Electricity Exhibition of Iran will be held at Tehran International Permanent Fairground from November 5th to 8th in Tehran.

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