Iran’s Vice President for Science and Technology, Sorena Sattari is spending some busy days to promote technology cooperations between Iran and the world. After signing some deals with European partners, the Iranian VP is currently traveling in China along with a high-ranking delegation to enhance cooperation between the two countries.

With the new agreement between Iran and China, the two countries will establish a joint “Silk Road Scientific Fund” in order to further expand the countries’ cooperation in joint research projects, workshops and exchange programs. According to Mehr news, Iran and China will be cooperating in the fields of Nanotechnology, Cognitive Science and Renewable Energy.

Prior to this, in early October a scientific delegation from Germany had met with Iran’s VP for Science and Technology in Tehran in order to find and expand new collaboration possibilities. During the meeting, Sattari had emphasized that his country is planning to cooperate with Germany in the startups scene. “At the moment, Iran holds expert startups in the fields of ICT and biotechnology, and the country’s biggest startup sells $5 million per day, which is quite unprecedented in the region,” Iran’s VP had said, according to Mehr news. Sattari was referring to Digikala, Iran’s dominating online market which is estimated to be worth over half a billion dollars. This Amazon-like website is known as the biggest online shop in the middle east with over 850 thousand visitors per day.

Sattari also claimed that Iran’s ICT market would reach to 80 billion dollars by the upcoming year, considering the country’s effort in the recent years by developing its infrastructure.

Previously Sattari had emphasized on his plans to increase the country’s collaborations with foreign institutes during his visit to New York for the UN General Assembly last month. During a meet-up with Iranian-American entrepreneurs, Sattari had stated that one of the main responsibilities of the Vice Presidency of Science and Culture is providing a fertile-ground for Iranians who want to come back to Iran in order to run tech related businesses.

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