During a ceremony hosted by Iran’s second largest mobile operator, 4G Plus network and a number of other services by this provider were introduced to the public.

During this ceremony Alireza Ghalambor Dezfouli, Chairman and CEO of Irancell announced that the second largest mobile operator in Iran has 47 million subscribers on 2G, 18.6 million on 3G and 2.6 million on 4G networks. Fixed 4G internet technology (TD-LTE) was also launched by Irancell in Iran for the first time a couple of weeks ago and is now available in 49 cities of the country. This technology provides a faster internet comparing to WiMAX technology and could be used in places where there’s no vacant port available in the area.

CEO of Irancell also stated that the internet data usage of Irancell users is 1200 terabytes per day. “Daily data traffic [usage] has also seen a 24x growth which is unprecedented in any part of the world,” said Dezfouli. He also added that Irancell has 27 million “data sim-card” subscribers and a 67% smartphone penetration on their network. “From 2014 to 2016 our network traffic data grew about 25 times while the growth of data consumption in the world has doubled,” he added. Dezfouli also claimed that Irancell has the largest share of the country’s data traffic and provides the fastest internet amongst other mobile operators. “Data usage grew 400x and phone calls 10x over the past 2 years. On the other hand, we witnessed a 4x growth in the number of our subscribers over the same period of time,” said the chairman of this mobile operator.

4G Plus network was also introduced at the ceremony for the first time in Iran. One of the main features of 4G Plus is carrier aggregation. It basically allows your device to send and receive from two separate frequencies at the same time and thus provides a faster speed. 4G Plus also works more efficiently while switching between the cell towers which brings a more stable connection.

Dezfouli also stated that 6.3 billion dollars were the total number of their investments in the past 10 years of which 2 billion was received from MTN group.

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