A new geo-based social media app is trying to find its place amongst Iranian users by bringing new features that haven’t been available on other social networks. The startup is now raising fund through a crowdfunding platform.

Node is a social media app that brings the real and virtual worlds together, and basically lets people in the same area to communicate with each other through the app. This social network is geo-based meaning that various services are implemented on the map and users’ content is posted in the exact place of that user at that moment and will be visible to all other users.



“One of my personal concerns is that I can’t find like-minded people, or I can’t find people nearby in the community that want to do similar social or sport activities that I like,” says Navid Afraz, CEO and co-founder of Node. “The basic idea came to my mind while I was driving and wanted to connect with the strangers who were in the same location as me,” Navid added. Node app allows you to pin a text, picture, voice or video on the map and become aware of the news that is happening around you as soon as the word gets out there. As for Node’s business model, the startup uses big data analysis and location-based ads which lets businesses and events to promote themselves on the app.

Even though Node has local and international competitors such as ‘Nazdika’ and ‘Life 360’, the team behind the startup is determined that they can offer services that are unique and exclusive. “A competitive advantage that I can point out is simplifying location-based services in Node and some other unique services and abilities that you won’t find in other applications,” says Navid. “Pokémon Go is using the map and urban space in the game, we are also using this method but we use the environment to create a social network.”

Node’s team is operating in Kerman Sience and Technology Park under the supervision of Mahan High-Tech University. Currently Node is raising fund through Zoomal, a crowdfunding website operating in the MENA region. The startup has set a 100k goal for its campaign which ends on October 12th. The app’s beta version is expected to be released in October for iOS, Android and Windows phone devices.


“One of our main goals is to produce valuable content by users that we rarely see today on other social networks. We will pass this challenge by bringing the culture among users and using the provided mechanisms available on the application.” For now, Node is targeting the local market in Iran but is planning to further expand its market to the region in the feature.

“There is a famous phrase that I like and that is: ‘an empire is not built overnight’. Build your business with patience and perseverance, you can build your empire and do something worthwhile,” said Navid when we asked him to give his advice to other entrepreneurs.

To support Node’s crowdfunding campaign visit this link.

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