Growth in Iran’s internet infrastructure translates into growth in internet based businesses like tech startups. Iran’s internet bandwidth has grown significantly in the past 3 years, though it’s far beyond where it should be.

One of the key infrastructure challenges facing Iran’s startups has always been the poor quality of internet in Iran. More national internet bandwidth means more market for startups and more customer segments enabled. With the growth of the internet infrastructure especially in mobile internet, multimedia content consumption has been risen along with it. This has many positive changes in the tech market. More demand for multimedia content has also created a big demand in advertising in this field, and more internet based services are born taking the place of traditional solutions.

On the first days when Rouhani’s government took office, one of the key priorities that was announced to publish was a complete make over of Iran’s internet infrastructure. The numbers of growth in the past 3 years of president Rouhani’s administration has indicated the exact same thing. Iran’s internet bandwidth has grown from 81.68 gigabit per second to to 564 gigabit per second which shows a 590% growth.

Though the internet bandwidth for the whole nation has had good amount of growth, but the number of smartphones has grown over 900%. Many of these smartphones are now also connected to the internet, which means the demand for internet is still higher than the supply coming. Today Iranians have access to high quality 4G/LTE on their phones, however the progress in landline and fiber internet in Iran is not fit for any compliments.

For security, speed and cost efficiency a “National Data Network” has been established were local Iranian content and websites go through this network which will translate into a faster loading time for Iranian users.

There has been a good amount of interest in building and growing Iran’s internet infrastructure and it seems the process is on the right path if it continues with the same pace. 

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