Social media platforms have always been a hot topic in Iran with no public statistics about the subject. In this post, we are going to give you a deeper understanding of social media in Iran with Iranian social media users’ demography.

Social Media in Iran is a hot topic around the world, even based on TechRasa’s statistics, a big number of readers are coming to the website to read about social media in Iran. The good news is your prayers has been answered since Iranian Students Polling Agency (ISPA) held a survey to find out more about social media demographics in Iran. This survey started last December and its statistical population was based on 4,400 participants. All of the participants were under 18 years old and from all 31 provinces of Iran. The goal of this survey was to find out about the relationship between sex, age, education, job and other characteristics of Iranian users on social media platforms.


Based on the results of this survey, 53% of the population who are over 18 years old are active on at least one social media platform and there are 54M people who are over 18 years old in Iran. With a simple calculation, we can deduct that 28.5M people over 18 years old are using social media in Iran. The most popular social media platforms in this survey were Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, FaceBook, Twitter, WeChat, Tango and Google Plus. The most popular social media platform in this survey was Telegram with over 20M users. 47% of the participants are from Tehran and are also using this app. WhatsApp, Instagram and Line were the most used apps in this category respectively after Telegram.


According to this survey, people who are single show more interest in using social media platforms compared to married ones. But the married people are the majority of social media users since their population is the biggest. According to this survey 62.7% of the Iranian users on these social media platforms are married and 27.4% are single. Age is also an important parameter in this survey and has an inverse relationship to social media usage, meaning that older people tend to use social media less. 34.3% of the Social Media users are between the age of 18 to 29, 41.8% between 30 to 49 and 23.9% are over 50 years old. According to ISPA, 55% of men and 51% of women are using social media platforms.


Another important key parameter is education. People who have higher education are also using social media more than the others to the point that 75% of the educated people are using various social media platforms. The most hardcore social media users are the housewives with 28.2% of social media users and the least are the soldiers and workers.

You can check the infographic of Iranian Social Media users Demography below:


Social Media Demographics in Iran

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Mohammad Abbas Sharghi
Mohammad Abbas Sharghi

wrong translation in first paragraph !!! according to the ISNA source the study was on participants that were above 18 years old not under. this makes a huge difference.
anyway thank you for this article.