About a year ago TechRasa was launched with the vision to expose Iran’s tech and startup scene to the people around the world. Today we celebrated TechRasa’s birthday and we have two words to tell to our amazing supporters: THANK YOU!

Last year around this time TechRasa.com was launched only as a simple English blog to showcase the achievements of Iranian entrepreneurs. Fast forward to Summer 2016, TechRasa is operating as a trusted and known media platform which has acted as an ambassador for Iranian entrepreneurs. Today TechRasa’s content includes not only news posts but also in-depth articles, videos, podcast and reports.


During the past year TechRasa received an extraordinary support from the startup community in Iran and tried to give back to the community by covering the activities of Iranian entrepreneurs. Many of the startups covered by TechRasa have now passed the seed stage and are not only targeting the Iranian market but are also expanding their business to other parts of the world. We are happy to hear that TechRasa has had a small part in helping the Iranian startup ecosystem to generate more jobs and promising business opportunities in the country.

Today TechRasa is providing in-depth market research projects for the companies looking for an initial understanding of the Iranian market. Up until now two free reports have been released on TechRasa with the partnership of E-commerce Monitor which you can find them here. Stay tuned for the exclusive Fintech and Adtech reports on TechRasa in the upcoming months.

In the past months TechRasa teamed up with various local and international companies and attended many events as a media partner. Some of these events include Banque du Liban Accelerate, Startup Istanbul, Step Conference and Pioneers Festival. TechRasa is also planning for its own events in the upcoming months so make sure to sign up on our newsletter to get the latest updates on the upcoming programs. Also during this period of time TechRasa got featured, mentioned and used as a source in some of the prominent media outlets such as the Huffington Post, Forbes, the Guardian, PRI and TechInAsia.

Many of you emailed us to ask about the events happening in Iran. On our anniversary day we just launched our ‘Events’ sections where you can find all the upcoming tech and startup related happenings in Iran. If you are an organizer of an event or are aware of an event happening in your city please email us so we can add it to TechRasa’s events page.

Also we’d like to take this chance to give a big shout out to our guest writers who shared their thoughts and observations on TechRasa, keep them coming! We’d also like to thank our readers who supported us in many ways and sent their heartwarming letters via email and trusted us through this journey. Please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback on the content or if you have any idea or suggestion you’d like to see implemented please let us know.

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Today, as we celebrate TechRasa’s anniversary, we’re hopeful we would live up to your expectations to bring higher standards and transparency to Iran’s media scene. Thank you for making this one year great for us!

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