Cafe Bazaar and Divar expand their services to neighboring farsi speaking country Afghanistan.

The greater Persia region consists of 110 million farsi speaking people residing in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. This creates an opportunity for Iranian startups to expand to one of these counties and vice versa. Though Tajikistan also uses Russian alphabet in their Farsi/Tajik language, this country could still be a potential market to expand too.

Cafe Bazaar is now open to Afghanistan with some native apps in the famous Iranian Android market. The Android app market for Afghanistan consists of many apps tailored for Afghans. Some apps from the famous Afghan radio station as well as Afghan calendars are among some of the apps that are available in the app market. The benefit of expanding to Afghanistan for Cafe Bazaar is that almost all of the apps are suitable for the country’s customers to use.

This means that theoretically, Iranian Android app developers and also Afghan app developers now have access to a larger market. However no payment option is available for Afghan users to purchase apps, or to use in-app purchase. For now only free apps are downloadable. Accepting payment is still one of the major problems facing Iranian startups for expansion. An alternative option for Cafe Bazaar could be to provide gift cards for Afghan users to redeem and purchase.

As for Divar, the platform is now completely launched for Afghanistan with a URL. Divar is Iran’s largest classified listing startup. It is now open to four major cities in Afghanistan such escape Kabul, Herat, Kandahar and Mazarin Sharif. Since the platform is free of charge without any payments needed, it has quickly expanded to Afghanistan with thousands of users.

We predict when Iranian startups would be able to accept payments from other countries, a big growth and expansion will be anticipated.

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