Iran startup ecosystem is just starting its journey and in order for it to get into the right direction, it needs more content on the web to suit its needs at this stage.

Iran is a young, educated and tech-savvy country. People are craving to use online services to get their things done. It may be an online service to book an appointment, shopping online or even finding a taxi. And the reason is easy to identify, the population is really young, people tend to use their smartphones all the time even the elderly and It can help people to save their money and time and it gives them more options to choose and decide.

Because of the support of the government, local organizations and VCs, in a short period of time the term ‘startup’ entered into the day-to-day vocabulary of Iranians. But there is something missing. Everyone is talking about the startups and many have heard of this term but it’s limited to the famous startups in Iran and giant companies in the world.

We have two types of audience at this stage regarding the startups. One is the consumers who are using a startup’s service and the other type is the young generation who want to start a startup. In both types, the content which is available to them is limited. For the first type of audience, national TV channels of the country have started to pay attention to the startups by inviting the founders and giving a limited coverage to the startups but it’s not enough yet.

Newspapers and other media outlets are also having a small part in giving coverage to this concept but it’s not that serious yet. In the online world, the tech blogs and media outlets are giving more attention to the infrastructure rather than startups. Even the most pioneer tech blogs in the country are more gadgets oriented and since we don’t have that many startups which have a physical product, Iranian startups don’t get much coverage from these media outlets. Even foreign startups which have online services are getting more coverage than the domestic startups but it’s changing as time passes. We should not forget the fact that startups started to get tractions nearly two or three years ago in the country and since then we have had so much progress in terms of covering these startups in media outlets. We can say that the most important channel for creating content on startups was and is the social media since the core engine behind this movement is the youth and they are using social media intensely.

The second type of audience regarding the startups are the youth who want to start a startup. Right now, the best source of content for this type of audience are the foreign sources which are usually in English and unfortunately only those who have the language skills can use them. Even if someone who has good language skills can’t rely solely on this type of content simply because Iran has its own complications in the market and many things are being done differently in the country.

The absence of good quality content on the web is one of the main problems that Iran’s youth are dealing with. Right now maybe the best sources available to this type of audience are the events which are taking place in the country but they’re mainly in Tehran and people in other provinces can’t really benefit from them.

With these facts in mind, we reach to the conclusion that we need more online websites which can create good quality content and even educational one for the youth or even a specialized magazine for creating professional content for the ecosystem.

At the end, we should mention that there are many individuals and businesses which are trying to fill this gap. They are dealing with tons of problems regarding getting investments from VCs and governmental organizations. With this pace that Iran’s startup ecosystem is moving forward, we can see smart investors and VCs starting to pay attention to the content and even in very few cases investing in startups which are active in content creation but it’s just the beginning and soon there will be a rush for filling this gap.

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