When a game is this big, it also makes its way to government courts. Talks on the subject of Pokemon Go getting banned in Iran has been a subject of late.

Just 2 weeks ago, Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation (IRCG) stated that on certain circumstances Pokemon Go would be allowed to operate in Iran.  One of the major conditions on which Pokemon Go was allowed to operate in Iran was to coordinate with the Iranian government to place game locations in order to avoid security sensitive issues. Though IRCG just recently gave the green lights on Pokemon Go’s operations in Iran as it passed the content tests.

But the game didn’t get a license to be open to gamers in Iran. The game found its way to the High Council of Virtual Spaces. Abdul-Samad Khoramabadi of the high council stated: “ There are many aspects of the game that the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation might not have investigated, but the high council of virtual space and criminal content has fully investigated and researched the game in every single aspect,” he told TasnimNews.

“Because the game takes place in the virtual and physical world, and it could have technical issues, from a security perspective this could create problems for the people and the country,” he continued.

As announced by this official of the high council, apparently no one in the council was against the banning of the game, and right after the game was banned of use, other security organizations in Iran were also satisfied about this decision.

The game is still playable if logged in with a VPN, making it still easy for Pokemon fans to hunt down Pokemons. Khoramabadi was also asked if it would be considered illegal if the game was played in Iran using a VPN. “It won’t be illegal but selling and distributing VPNs is considered an illegal action and we suggest [them] not to use it.,” answered Khoramabadi.

Though Pokemon Go is officially banned by the Iranian officials, the game is still playable by Iranian users the same way that banned social medias are being used through VPNs.

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