The famous messaging/social media app Telegram has turned into a source of entertainment for Iranians.

Information technology division of Iran’s Ministry of Culture researched about the Iranian user behavior towards Iran’s dominant messaging app Telegram. The purpose of this research was to identify how many hours per day an average Iranian spends on telegram, and for what purpose they use it for. The research shows that on average 60% of the time which Iranians spend on Telegram is for entertainment purposes.

With Telegram’s “super groups” and channel features, this messaging app has gotten some social media color which got widely welcomed by Iranian users. The hot to-go-to entertainment hub has thousands of channels from jokes and prank videos to cultural and music content. It’s fast and easy to use interface has made Telegram part of the daily activities of Iranians.

Head of Iran’s Information Technology and Digital Media Division of Ministry of Culture, Morteza Mousavian expressed that in order to measure the opportunities and threats that Telegram holds, a research had to be conducted, According to Tasnim news. Statistics also show that Iranians spend 5 to 9 hours a day in the digital world. Mousavi emphasized that comparing to other countries in the world, Iran has a large amount of users surfing in the digital world. Iran’s Ministry of Culture wants to come up with plans to boost cultural content generating .

Telegram currently consumes 40% of Iran’s internet bandwidth. The Iranian government also lowered the cost of internet and internet bandwidth for users who seek local content and platforms like Aparat.

With all that has been done, Telegram has become a main source for multimedia content, which is a substitute for Facebook in Iran. Telegram is by far the easiest way to access multimedia entertainment content for Iranians.

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how many iranians are using telegram?I mean the number of people using this application.