Iran’s first online Cinema is launched. One of the IPTV operators launched this service so that people from all over the country could use the cultural products and services equally.

“Watching movies in the cinema is one of the most exciting and popular entertainments, unfortunately, some of the Iranians have been excluded from this pleasure. Different groups of people such as people who live in rural areas, overseas and even patients have been unable to watch the latest Iranian pictures because they didn’t have a cinema in their location. According to this fact, one of the most important goals of this project is to provide this facility for all Iranians all around the country, using cyberspace,” Aseman Intelligent Systems Development Company stated in their press release.

All movies on this system use a smart technology to adapt with different internet speeds so that all the users could enjoy the service. People using different types of devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and even smart TVs can select the showtimes and buy the online ticket to watch the movie.

On Aseman IPTV, all products have descriptions of their story, actors and some other relevant information. After watching the movie, people can also write comments about the film.

“According to the memorandum of understandings with producers, all rights are reserved for the creators,” added Najafi.

Disagreement of Iran’s head of Film Producers Guild

“Streaming movies that are on screen is an unacceptable and dangerous action,” said Seyed Zia Hashemi, Iran’s head of Film Producers Guild. “We will prevent any abuse of cinematographic works relying on the law and the relative authorities,” he added as a response to this matter in order to protect the Iranian movie industry and producers’ right.

Movies that have been provided for an on-screen show, should not be released online. This action will disturb entertainment industry from selling tickets and DVDs or via VOD services in the future.

Since most of the rural areas of Iran don’t have a descent internet connection, especially for streaming video and voice, it seems this service won’t cover the needs of this target population.

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