Forget about Google Play, we do things differently here. The place to go for downloading Android apps in Iran is Cafe Bazaar with 29M installs. You might be wondering which device brands and models are making the most money for Cafe Bazaar and developers.


It doesn’t matter where you look, if you don’t speak English in Iran, it’s hard for you to use Google Play and believe me not all the android users in the country speak Engish. The other factor is the developers and companies which are developing Farsi apps for the domestic Market. Many of the applications in Google Play are not designed for the culture and Iranians needs. And if there is an app which Iranian users could use it’s probably in English so it becomes obsolete for the users. And apart from that Cafe Bazaar is an android app market designed for the Iranians. You might say that Iranian developers could submit their app in Google Play, keep in mind that we live in Iran so we don’t have an international payment system. And if developers want to submit their apps on Google Play they have to acquire a credit card or even open a pseudo company in another country to make everything legal to launch their app on Google Play. And imagine they do, who’s going to use that? I guess not every Iranian, because we don’t have a credit card to purchase apps or make in-App-Purchases from Google Play. So with all these facts in mind Cafe Bazaar is the only solution for Iranian android app market. And with their recent contracts with Supercell and many other major companies, Iranians can now use in-App-Purchase with the Rial currency, and their bank debit cards online. Not to mention that recently even Clash of Clans launched their game in Farsi language for Iranian users. With these initiatives, we guess Iran is a good market for foreign companies to work with Iranian android marketplaces for their payment system, and even to launch their product in Farsi language to generate more revenue from Iran’s market. 29M android users only in Cafe Bazaar is a big number for any company in the world.

Which brand is making the most money?

Samsung is dominant in the smartphone market nearly all around the world, and Iran is no exception. They have a wide variety of products from low-end to high-end. So it’s no surprise that Samsung is dominant in terms of market share with 51.8%, and 56.6% revenue share of the market. The second brand after Samsung is Huawei with 22.1% in market share and with 18% of revenue share. You can check other brands in the chart bellow.

Top device brands
Top device brands


The most popular Android device models

Yes, Again Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Core Prime along with LG G3 and Sony Xperia Z2 are sharing the first spot together with 0.9% of market share. But when you look at the chart, you realize that in terms of most popular devices, Samsung comes first and then Huawei gets the second place. One of the most competitive advantages of Huawei is that they provide a device with same specifications as other brands but with a lower price. At first, people were concerned about the quality of Chinese brands, and weren’t trusted at first. But with time Huawei proved itself to the Iranian market to the point that it became the second most used smartphone brand in Iran. You can check all the most popular android devices in the following chart.

Device model market share
Device model market share

Which device model users are spending the most on apps

You might be developing an app or want to target Iran’s market for android users. This might be useful for your current and future reference. Which device brands are paying the most? Again Samsung owns it. With Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Really outdated device) leading the way and Sony Xperia Z3 following. The rest of the devices which are spending the most, mainly belong to Samsung and Huawei. You can check the device model revenue share in the chart below.

Device model Revenue share
Device model revenue share



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