During a press conference, Iran’s Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology announced that the ministry is granting low-interest loans to startups and is providing special facilities to provincial accelerators.

Davei, Iran’s Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology stated that if a certified accelerator demands support from a Governor in order to establish another accelerator in that province, 200 million Tomans (~60 thousand dollars) will be allocated to them for the infrastructure equipments. “These credits are in forms of loans with a repayment interest rate of 4%,” said Davaei. “The purpose of this support and the investments is to replace oil revenues with revenues from technology developments,” he added.

“6 billion Tomans (1,740,000 dollars) investment on establishing startup accelerators, granting interest-free loans to companies located in the provincial accelerators provided by Omid Entrepreneurship Fund, and granting loans to companies located in the Science and Technology Parks and incubators are some of our supportive programs,” said this government official.

A few weeks ago Samimi, the Head of Technology Developments of the Ministry of Communications had announced that Omid Entrepreneurship Fund is responsible to support the startups which were introduced to them by the Ministry of Communications to further develop Iran’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Iran’s Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology also emphasized on the importance of technology parks in the country, stressing that: “There is a necessity in the world for ICT Corridors.” Davaei stated that the increase in domestic product gross and revenue through the export of goods and superior services, attracting entrepreneurs and creative people and promoting synergy between small and large companies are amongst the objectives of building special ICT zones in the country.

Davaei also claimed that 120 thousand mobile apps have been created inside the country. “Although not all of these applications had high economic value, there were applications which gained much success. Even one Iranian application stayed in App Store’s top 10 chart for a long time.”

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